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What is the biggest thing that makes Great American Cookies unique?

Our amazing products! We are proud to be the inventors of the Cookie Cake, which is perfect for celebrating life’s ordinary and extraordinary moments. When you open your Great American Cookies franchises, you will be able to offer your customers the Cookie Cake as well as all our other tasty treats.


What sets our heavenly desserts apart?

Our commitment to quality. Quality is the one word that describes everything we do, including:

Cookie Cakes

When you invent something as amazing as the Cookie Cake, you just can’t help but brag about it! Our delectable Cookie Cakes are based on our famous recipe for homemade cookie dough and come in four tantalizing flavors: original chocolate chip, sugar, double fudge, and oatmeal.

Customers love custom creations as well as old favorites, and the Cookie Cake is a celebratory staple for a reason. Customers can get each cookie cake to order for the celebration of their choice such as birthdays, graduations, or even for the holidays.

Gourmet Cookies

Staying true to the Great American Cookies fresh-baked philosophy, we bake all our cookies in store every day. Our customers live for the warm, soft cookies that come in a variety of flavors. Whether they choose to buy one or a dozen, each flavor is available in regular size, colossal size, big bites, double doozies, and big bite double doozies.

Check out our delicious gourmet cookie flavors, and see if you can keep your mouth from watering:

All of our batter is created at our proprietary production facility, where we test our recipes before we send them to our franchise owners. That way, we know that we are only sending the tastiest, softest, and most enticing cookie flavors to our customers.

Double Doozies

Twice as nice, the Double Doozie is the cookie sandwich you have been waiting for! A generous portion of our sweet and creamy icing is sandwiched in between two of our delectable gourmet cookies, making the Double Doozie the ultimate sweet treat.

Even better, any of our gourmet cookies can be turned into Double Doozies, so the combinations are virtually limitless! Your customers will love treating themselves and their families to delicious Double Doozies.

Freshly Baked Brownies

Nothing says decadent quite like a brownie, and at Great American Cookies, we have put in the time to get the recipe just right. Our rich, gooey brownies are some of our top sellers, and it is easy to see why. With a variety of flavors and our perfect icing on top, brownies are the ultimate addition to your store.

Our flavor options cover every taste preference, and your customers will never be able to get enough. Check out the list of brownie flavors:

Just like our cookies, our brownie batter is perfected at our proprietary facility. The process for developing and testing our batter is rigorous, and at the end, we have the decadent treats that our customers crave.

At Great American Cookies, our dedication to quality shows in everything that we do. Our desserts are more than just treats: they bring families and friends together for a celebration or an afternoon out. Great American Cookies shares the fun of cookies with people everywhere, and you can bring that fun to your community.

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