Non-Traditional Franchise Opportunities: Airport

When it comes to nontraditional franchise opportunities, there are so many location options to choose from that it’s hard to know where to begin. Great American Cookies’ delicious treats and well-known brand makes us a natural fit in nontraditional spaces, and airport locations are some of the shining stars in the nontraditional model.


Did You Know…

…88 million travelers walk through the busiest airport in the world every year?

…Travel experts recommend a minimum of 60-90 minutes for a layover?

…In 2012, travelers spent $553 million on food and drinks in airports?

…39% of airports have food kiosks to cater to rushing passengers?

…Experts recommend that travelers arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure?

…86% of travelers eat, drink, and shop in airport terminals before flights?

…Great American Cookies franchises can take advantage of all of this spending by locating a cookie franchise in an airport?

Why Airports Work

Plane travel can be stressful. Going through security, hustling to and from connections, and worrying about delayed or canceled flights is a lot for travelers to deal with. It is common for harried passengers to go through security, find their gates, and then look around the airport to find food or treats to enjoy while they wait.

And wait they do.

Though it varies by airport, a general rule is that passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before their flight is scheduled to depart, even though security typically takes a fraction of that time. That leaves customers with more time to eat and shop.

Busy airports will have thousands of people walking past your restaurant each and every day, giving you new impressions—and new potential customers—all the time. Travelers at the airport are a captive audience of hungry people; some of them are in a hurry, rushing from one gate to the next, while others are bored and looking for something to do during a layover. In both circumstances, Great American Cookies’ fast, convenient, and delicious treats are a perfect solution.

Choosing a Layout

Great American Cookies makes airport franchises work by being flexible. Locations at airports are highly sought after so brands must adapt to fit the locations and spaces available. Choosing a smart layout will help you maximize your business and get the most out of hungry airline passengers.

Here are some of the options that can work in airports:

Inline—Airports are unique among nontraditional opportunities because they can work with the same or similar layout as a mall food court location. An inline layout can work well in an airport, where shared seating with other vendors is common.

Kiosk—As we already mentioned, kiosks are becoming increasingly popular at airports. Not only do they cater to hurrying passengers, but they also stand out among a sea of food vendors. Catch your customers’ eye as they walk by and send them off to their destination with a warm, sweet cookie. Some airports are even offering popup kiosks during renovations at terminals. This can be a standalone or a satellite to an existing store already in the airport.

Cart—Nothing could be as fun as a cookie cart! Walk through the terminals peddling cookies and brownies to hungry travelers, and you will see eyes light up in both children and adults.

At Great American Cookies, we are used to accommodating unusual spaces with our franchises. With non-traditional stores, it’s important to think in “inches” and not “feet” when it comes to store design.


Great American Cookies and our sister brand, Marble Slab Creamery, are perfect companion brands. We go together like, well, cookies and ice cream.

Large spaces with higher square footage are perfect for a co-branded store, where you can take advantage of a variety of incentives, including:

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