Great American Cookies Non-traditional Franchise Opportunities: College Campuses

Non-traditional franchise opportunities are endless. Anywhere that gets a lot of foot traffic is a potential great location for a Great American Cookies location. Some great locations include community hubs such as college campuses, which see a tremendous amount of foot traffic and a diverse clientele.


Why College Campuses?

There are several reasons that college campuses make ideal locations to open a Great American Cookies franchise. First of all, college students typically spend many hours each day on campus, if not the entire day. While they are waiting around between classes, college students are always looking for great dining options on location. Affordable, enjoyable, and conveniently located, Great American Cookies on college campuses have everything college students are looking for in a mid-day (or late-night) snack.

Second, college campuses see a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Thousands of students traverse college campuses every day. Whether they live on campus or commute, there is a constant flow of potential customers on campuses every day. Whether they are looking for a snack to enjoy between classes, or a cookie cake to celebrate the end of finals week, our products fit in perfectly on college campuses.

Choosing a Layout

Great American Cookies’ site requirements are flexible. We are used to adapting our buildout to fit locations all over the world, and college campuses are no exception. Even better, our real estate team can help you find the perfect spot on your local camps, then accommodate the site’s needs to build the perfect store.

Here are some of the layouts that you can use to maximize your presence and best serve hungry college students and faculty:

Inline: One of the benefits of opening a college campus location is that many campus food courts are similar in layout to our mall food court locations. Customers wait in line to order at a counter, and once they have their order they move on to eat it as they walk to class. Our advantage is that our products are easy to prepare before large crowds hit throughout the day. Helping keep line down. Since our product is already prepared, the time a student arrives until the time the transaction is complete is a quick process.

Dine-In: A Great American Cookies with its own seating can give students a break from the hustle and bustle of the campus. Perfect for students who want to spend more time enjoying their cookies, they can take a seat in your dedicated seating area and enjoy respite from the hectic campus atmosphere. Dine-in locations that offer Wi-Fi will be an attractive destination for college students who are looking for a place to study while they eat.

Kiosk: Kiosks are becoming increasingly popular because they can be placed in a number of areas, allowing you greater flexibility in choosing your location. They stand out from the food court and with our flexible site requirements, setting one up is a snap. This can act as a stand-alone or, act as a satellite to an existing Great American Cookies on campus. Allowing our concept to serve in busy spots of campus that offer no snack options.

Pop-up Kiosks: If you’re looking for a short-term opportunity, pop-up kiosks are a great solution. Designed to be set up and taken down easily, these temporary kiosks are a great choice if you’d like to open a location in a sporting arena, a stadium, campus events, dorms, etc. If your college campus is hosting an event and you’d like to try to capitalize on the added traffic, or if you’d like to see how popular a permanent Great American Cookies location would be on our campus, pop-up kiosks are great options.

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Opening your Great American Cookies franchise on a college campus is a smart way to capitalize on the high-volume foot traffic and diverse customer base these community centers have to offer. The sky is the limit with your franchise, so take advantage of this opportunity!

For more information on opening a Great American Cookies location on a college campus or elsewhere, contact us today to speak with a representative.

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