Great American Cookies Licensing Opportunities

Making a license deal with Great American Cookies leverages our two greatest strengths: branding and adaptability. We utilize our more than 30 years’ experience in giving customers what they want and supporting franchisees to make our products and our opportunities better. A Great American Cookies fractional franchise allows you to leverage our strong brand and amazing products to fit in any venue, maximizing the advantages of working with us.


The Brand

Licensing the Great American Cookies brand grants you access to numerous benefits that come exclusively from working with us. Most importantly, we have competitive licensing rates for all license deals, so that this relationship is mutually beneficial. Our attractive rates aren’t the only way we stand out among the brands vying for a spot in your venue.

On top of our competitive licensing rates, we support each of our locations on an ongoing basis. We start with training you to uphold our high operational standards; training covers everything from mixing dough and baking cookies to cleaning equipment to following our operations procedures. Training allows employees to learn from our experience to give customers the Great American Cookies experience they are used to.

An additional resource that is a boon to all our licensing partners is our marketing team. They are essential to making Great American Cookies licensing opportunities work because they create channel-specific marketing resources that specifically target your customers.

Finally, we support every member of our brand family on an ongoing basis. We conduct site visits multiple times each year to gain in-person insight into your store and how we can work together to meet your goals. This combination of your company’s expertise and our on-the-ground support creates an amazing opportunity for all of us.

The Food

There just is no substitute for warm, freshly baked cookies. The smell, the taste, the feeling of nostalgia are all unique to these humble desserts. Customers love cookies, and our popular flavors go beyond the basic chocolate chip.

Check out four of the reasons why our customers love Great American Cookies:

Decadent Dessert Menu – Everyone loves a classic chocolate chip cookie, but that is just one of the delectable dessert offerings that we have on our amazing menu. We have a whole range of cookie flavors running the gamut from classic sugar to Domino to Peanut Butter Supreme, along with many others. Customers can also order a gooey brownie or a Double Doozy—our creamy frosting sandwiched in between two soft cookies—or a range of seasonal options and limited time offers to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Affordable Food – A cookie or brownie is a sweet treat that brings great value to customers in your venue. Our treats are affordable and still use the finest ingredients, so people of all ages love them. As an added benefit to those seeking licensing deals with us, our cookies, brownies, and desserts are all made fresh in store several times each day. Our dough is never frozen, which is something you taste through every bite.

Grab and Go – Being able to grab a cookie and go is one of the most attractive aspects of Great American Cookies licensing opportunities. A customer can order a cookie or brownie and be on their merry way within just a few moments, making us the perfect dessert offering in a variety of fast-paced locations like airports, college campuses, theme parks, and anywhere else that customers are hurrying from point A to point B.

Quality Ingredients – When we first opened, our founder used his great grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe and high-quality ingredients to make the most delicious cookies he could. We have stuck with our founder’s original vision and stayed true to the integrity of our cookies by using only the finest ingredients in our fresh, never frozen batter. Our customers can taste the difference that fresh ingredients make, and that’s what keeps them coming back.

The Space

The key to Great American Cookies licensing opportunities? Our flexibility. We think of our stores in inches, not square feet, so one of our stores can adapt to fit in areas as small as 400 square feet. Our layouts are designed with miniaturization modularity in mind, so that each piece has its place, making us ideal for kiosks, satellites, inlines, and more.

Check out some of the locations where a Great American Cookies license deal will work well:

Get in touch with our licensing team to see what a license deal with Great American Cookies will look like in your venue.

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