Work for Yourself but Never by Yourself with Cookie Franchising

If you are looking to open your own business, you might be considering going about it alone. You’ll get to make your own decisions, come up with your own brand, and create your own business model. What so many entrepreneurs fail to realize is just how hard it is to open a business from scratch. With no one behind you to help and no training to back up your business decisions, you could run the risk of spending more time and money trying to get yourself started. Here at Great American Cookies, we make sure our owners have what they need to open a cookie franchise with confidence, so they are working for themselves instead of by themselves. Here’s why you should invest in a cookie franchise with us, and what you can expect from owning one.

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You Have an Idea of Estimated Costs

With a cookie franchise, you know exactly how much it’s going to cost at the outset. We break down our investment within our Franchise Disclosure Document and explain what site requirements you need to get your new business with us up and running. This eliminates many of the surprises business owners face when they have no idea what the costs are for getting their business started. Our investment also gets franchisees exclusive rights to a specific territory. We put time and research into our territories to make sure they are situated in an area with the right demographic and scant competition. Our estimated population requirement is 60,000 people, so franchisees know their location has a lot of potential customers. We’ve made preparing to open your franchise so much easier, with a variety of benefits. When you go into business by yourself, however, you don’t get that established brand behind you that breaks down the costs, gives you exclusive rights to a territory, or allows you to put their established brand name on your sign.

You Learn Everything There Is to Know About a Cookie Franchise

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a franchise is that you get training and support prior to opening your business. Our parent company, FAT Brands, has perfected their model to prepare franchisees for the snack food industry. Once you sign your franchise agreement and pay the initial franchise fee, you will attend GFG University at our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, we will teach you everything that you need to know about the snack foods and desserts industries and the ins and outs of your cookie franchise.

In addition to the initial training, we also provide ongoing support to help you with building your site, marketing, and getting you ready with your grand opening. We are always there for our franchisees, so they can work for themselves but never by themselves.

You Can Invest in More Than One Business

Since we are part of FAT Brands, which has four other brands, there are opportunities to invest in multiple units and even co-brand with another franchise. This can increase your profit potential, demographic, and adds more diversity to your portfolio if you are looking to be a multi-unit investor. There’s a lot you can do with just one cookie franchise, but there is truly endless potential when it comes to multiple units.

Start your journey to owning a cookie franchise and working for yourself instead of by yourself by reaching out to us today.

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