Will Fast Food Franchises Ever Die?

We’ve all partaken in a fast food meal at some point. After all, it’s fast – and in today’s busy world, this is a true benefit. For those who are considering investing in a fast food franchise, considering the longevity of their potential purchase is an important assessment, among a number of other considerations.

So this begs the question: will fast food franchises ever die? How promising is the outlook for this industry, which translates to my potential business? Read some interesting statistics about the fast food industry, which act as a compelling argument for why we believe that fast food franchises will never die.

Fast Food Industry Facts

Take a look at some hard-hitting fast food facts that show that this industry is poised to stay:

  • Roughly one in four Americans eat fast food each day
  • There are roughly 50,000 fast food chains in America and roughly 500,000 in the world
  • Americans spend upwards of $1 billion each year on fast food
  • More than 40 percent of Americans eat fast food at least once a week
  • The average American spends about $500 per year on fast food

Why We Eat Fast Food

A survey was taken of about 600 individuals in the Minneapolis area. This poll investigated why they choose to eat fast food. A whopping 92 percent said that the number one reason to eat at fast food franchises is because they’re quick, and 80 percent said that the number two reason was because they are easy to get to. Other reasons included enjoyment for the taste of the food itself, the fact that fast food is inexpensive, and that patrons are simply too busy to cook.

Why Fast Food Will Never Die

Based on these statistics, it’s easy to see that fast food is a true staple in the American culture. It helps to provide us with something quick, affordable, and satisfying while we’re on the go – and let’s face it, we’re always on the go! And of course, not to mention – fast food really hits the spot. Fast food franchises like Great American Cookie help us to indulge our sweet tooth in a way that suits our busy schedules, keeps us happy, and allows us to continue with our daily tasks and activities with minimal interruption.

If you’re interested in learning more about one of our Great American Cookie franchises, contact us today.

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