Why a Franchise Opportunity on a College Campus Is a Great Investment

What many prospective franchisees don’t realize is that malls are not the only opportunity for a dessert franchise through Great American Cookies. There are many opportunities in non-traditional locations that have proven to have just as much potential as malls, except in a location that is much more unique. Franchise opportunities on college campuses are a huge draw because of their unique and diverse students, flexible hours, and heavy foot traffic. Here is why a college campus may be the perfect location got your Great American Cookies.

franchise opportunities in college campuses

A Lot of Foot Traffic

Similar to malls and other traditional locations, college campuses have a lot of foot traffic from students and faculty who are going from class to class. Fast-casual franchises like Great American Cookies require an environment where there will be a good deal of foot traffic because they are designed to appeal to people on the go. Malls work well for this, as well as places like stadiums because people are constantly moving around.

Students Are Seeking Affordable Food

College students have a lot going on. Many are working jobs to pay for tuition, studying at odd hours, and attending class every day. College students need good food, fast, that will give them the energy to get through the day. Great American Cookies franchises have the chance to thrive on college campuses because students are looking for sweet food to eat at any hour that they can also take with them as they change locations for class.

Cookies serve as a great snack for college students because they are quick, filling, tasty, and affordable to them. They are a unique group of people that could generate revenue if marketed to correctly.

College Students Love Dessert

Because of complex schedules, students eat meals at abnormal hours of the day. What this means is that they are searching for desserts and sweets at a variety of different times. In addition, since classes get out at similar times there will be rushes of students periodically that are in need of a franchise like Great American Cookies before or after class for a snack. Franchise opportunities on college campuses also have potential profitability at night. Students are often studying at nights and on the weekends, so you can maximize your potential profit by catering to different hours where other franchises may close after normal business hours.

Franchise Opportunities in College Campuses

This non-traditional location for a Great American Cookies franchise could prove to be just as profitable as a traditional location. With the training and support behind you when it comes to  both the industry and franchising, you can feel confident that a college campus is the right place for your dessert franchise. Because college campuses offer a diverse culture and a wide variety of different types of people, the projection of patronage at a Great American Cookies franchise could have a lot of potential as people walk by the store or kiosk.

If you are interested in learning more about franchise opportunities in college campuses, contact us today.

franchise opportunities in college campuses

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