Want to Increase Foot Traffic? Remind Your Customers Why Cookies Are a Favorite Treat

If you own a cookie franchise, keep an eye on the dessert table the next time you have the chance: Some people will reach for cake, and others will select a slice of pie. Still, others will grab a plate and select a stack of cookies.

Then, take a closer look at which type of cookie they have chosen. It’s been said that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by their favorite cookie—which is quite a revelation!

If you’re a Great American Cookies franchisee, you should have no trouble reminding your customers why cookies are the great American treat: there’s a cookie suited for everyone at a cookie franchise.

See How the Cookies Stack Up

It’s relatively easy to identify people’s “cookie qualities,” especially when you consider the variety of cookies that consistently show up on polls of Americans’ top 10 favorite cookies. The cookies are varied as the people who love them:

  • 1: Chocolate chip cookies
  • 2: Chocolate chip and M&M cookies
  • 3: Peanut butter cookies
  • 4: Peanut butter and M&M cookies
  • 5: Sugar cookies
  • 6: Snickerdoodle cookies
  • 7: White chunk macadamia nut cookies
  • 8: Chewy chocolate cookies
  • 9: Double fudge cookies
  • 10: Oatmeal raisin cookies

Consider the “Cookie Qualities” of Life in a Cookie Franchise

Since Great American Cookies offers this cookie smorgasbord, watch carefully how your customers reach for the cookie that most reflects their personality type:

  • Chocolate chip cookies, the go-to choice of lighthearted people who revel in staying in touch with their inner child
  • Chocolate chip and M&M cookies, the go-to choice of spirited people who probably lifted an extra cookie from the cookie jar when Mom wasn’t looking
  • Peanut butter cookies, the go-to choice of refined people who gravitate to the deeper things in life
  • Peanut butter and M&M cookies, the go-to choice of daredevils who like to stir things up and live on the edge
  • Sugar cookies, the go-to choice of cautious people who prefer to keep things simple—yet sweet
  • Snickerdoodle cookies, the go-to choice of free spirits who like to keep people guessing (just like the ingredients in their favorite cookie)
  • White chunk macadamia nut cookies, the go-to choice of sophisticated people who know what they want—and refuse to settle for less
  • Chewy chocolate cookies, the go-to choice of leisurely people who like to savor every moment
  • Double fudge cookies, the go-to choice of equally leisurely people who might surprise you with their adventurous streak
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies, the go-to choice of traditional people who enjoy simple but meaningful pleasures

Customers Stir Things Up—and So Should You

While it’s always fun to see which “cookie qualities” your customers embody, the reality is that cookies are such a fun food that most people can step out their “type” and be tempted by any freshly baked Great American cookie.

This is precisely why being a Great American Cookies franchisee can be so pleasurable: Cookies are the great American equalizer—everybody loves them. Cookies automatically remind people of the batches their mothers (and grandmothers) baked for them when they were young.

In this way, Great American Cookies provides a link to the past since the original recipe was created by the grandmother of one of the company’s founders. Grandmas bake cookies to bring out the best in people’s personalities—and so does Great American Cookies.

Interested in finding out more about how you can open a cookie franchise and give your customers a chance to indulge their cravings? Then visit our website today!

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