Tired of Your 9-to-5? We Have the Solution

If you’re like most Americans, you may spend day in and day out working a 9-to-5 job that you don’t particularly like. Perhaps your boss is kind of a jerk, or your coworkers don’t ever seem to be on the same page as you when it’s important to collaborate on a project. Wouldn’t it be great to skip the 9-to-5 stress and work for your own business? If you take advantage of your franchise opportunities like the one at Great American Cookies, this it’s definitely attainable! So when you think of how unhappy you are at your job, and how happy you could be with your own cookie business – what’s stopping you?

“My Company” Sure Has a Ring to It

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for someone to ask what you do, and for you to be able to reply that you own your own business? Not only just for the bragging rights (which, let’s admit it – business owners surely have their bragging rights), but also for the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve built an empire you can be proud of, and it’s running just the way you’d like it to run. Owning your own business instills a sense of pride in your work, and a desire to always go that extra mile, reach those extra goals, and be the best business owner you can be.

Independence While Still Having Franchise Opportunities Support

One of the best parts about franchise opportunities is that you have the independence associated with owning a business, but you aren’t necessarily completely on your own. Franchising brands have set systems and processes that you’ll be able to run off of to ensure that you’re in line with the brand as a whole. At Great American Cookies, we know our business model works because it’s been done hundreds of times before!

On top of proven business systems, you’ll have a support system and a broad range of resources to help you get up and running and stay running like a well-oiled machine. So franchise opportunities are truly the best of both worlds: you can have the freedom and flexibility to run your own company under the blanket of a well-known and established brand.

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