4 Ways We Help Our Franchisees Achieve Success

Success is never a guarantee in business or in life, but partnering with a franchisor that provides outstanding franchise training and support is a great way to improve your odds. Our cookie franchise isn’t just famous for our beloved product, we’re also well-known for helping our franchisees learn the business. Here are a few of the ways we support each of our cookie franchisees.

1. Comprehensive Initial Franchise Training and Support 

You’ll join us at our corporate headquarters for a detailed breakdown of how to run your new business. Our experts will get you up to speed on everything from how to hire a great staff to ordering inventory for your store. We don’t expect our franchisees to come to us with much prior knowledge on how to run a quick-service restaurant, and we’ve built a training program that’s designed to prepare you from the ground up. We’ll answer all your questions so that you can return to your location confident and ready to get started. 

2. Ongoing Training

We continue to provide our franchisees with training resources throughout the life of their business. Whether it’s our thorough operations manual or updates to our procedures, we provide franchisees with ongoing training so they can continue to operate their businesses as efficiently as possible.

3. Leveraging the Cookie Franchise Concept

Another way we support our franchisees is by helping them build a cookie franchise that fits the unique needs of their territory. Great American Cookies locations don’t need much space to operate, and fit in just as well in a standalone store as they do in a kiosk or shared space. We work with franchisees to find the place in their territory with the greatest potential for one of our franchises, and can help them create a new franchise to fit right in. 

A bonus of having such a flexible concept is that there are lots of ways to grow your business. Whether you want to open multiple units right away or start with just one, we can help you develop a plan for scalable growth. 

4. Marketing Assistance

Entrepreneurs of all stripes will agree that marketing is a key consideration for any new business. We help our franchisees spread the word about their new business so that they’re sure to attract attention from their target audience. One of the benefits of working with a well-established franchisor is that we’ve developed a cache of marketing materials that can be easily customized, saving franchisees time and trouble. We’ll also provide you guidance as to which marketing channels would be most efficient for your community, helping to take some of the guesswork out of the process. 

Want to learn more about what makes our cookie franchise so special? Contact us today for the details.

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