5 Reasons Why Investing in a Franchise Beats Starting from Scratch

The biggest advantage of investing in a franchise is that it gives you a huge amount of stability.

In addition, you’ll be linked up with mentors, peers, financial assistance, and a proven business model. There’s no reason you can’t find your stride early!

Investing in a Franchise: Safe, Proven, and Effective

When you invest in a Great American Cookies franchise, you’re investing in a proven business model that furnishes you with marketing, financial, and personal assistance to ensure you fly out of the gate. Looking for more reasons to start investing in a franchise? Read on!

Reason #1: Startup Costs Are Manageable

Although startup costs can vary based on things like location and square footage, the franchise startup costs at Great American Cookies are extremely reasonable compared to the quick-service restaurant (QSR) average.

The startup costs at Great American Cookies are dictated largely by the square footage of your future business, but they can also vary based on whether you choose to invest in a traditional, non-traditional, co-branded, or satellite Great American Cookies store.

Reason #2: Ride the Wave of High Brand Awareness

Immediate access to nationwide advertising networks and marketing associations puts you in touch with folks who can streamline your accessibility in your local community. This brings up another advantage of franchising: brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the degree to which customers are familiar with a particular good, service, or way of doing business. High brand awareness often translates to customer loyalty and repeat business since customers know they’re getting something great every time.

Brand awareness isn’t created overnight, and it isn’t created by accident. High brand awareness is the product of years of finding out what draws customers into Great American Cookies and what gets them hooked!

Reason #3: Easy Access to Financial Support

From site selection to training and hiring help, Great American Cookies helps investors succeed.

Another way that Great American Cookies helps investors is by aligning you with lenders who are often happy to lend to a member of the Global Franchise Group and best-in-class fast food franchise, according to Entrepreneur.

Reason #4: Achieve Economies of Scale—Immediately

Starting your own business from scratch can be incredibly exciting. It can also be nerve-racking, financially uncertain, and time-consuming. You’re probably thinking you’d like to avoid most of that.

You can. When you go into business completely by yourself, you only have the purchasing power of one individual—namely, you—and you’re building your relationships with vendors (and customers) from scratch.

Franchising sidesteps a lot of the uncertainty of sole ownership since franchising puts an established brand in your corner and raises your odds of getting great offers from suppliers and lenders.

Your franchise fee at Great American Cookies also helps cover equipment, signs, and initial training to quickly get you up to speed.

Reason #5: Get Management and Marketing Support

Great American Cookies tends to draw investors who are friendly, passionate, confident, financially ready, and dedicated to working creatively within a proven system.

That said, Great American Cookies increases the chances of attaining quicker ROI by providing initial training, offering hiring advice, and connecting you with amazing marketing for your grand opening. Investing in a franchise helps you in so many aspects of starting your business. Visit our website to learn more!

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