America’s Favorite Treat! How We Cater to a Cookie Crowd!

Cookies are the quick sweet treat that no one can ever seem to resist. When it comes to cookies, we all have a sweet tooth. They’re irresistible and, like us, there is a chance you might have gotten caught once or twice sneaking into the family cookie jar. If you are an investor looking for a stand-out fast-casual snack brand, here’s why you might want to skip the oversaturated burger stop scene and think about running a cookie business. 

Americans Go Crazy for Cookies

The allure of cookies is easy to understand. We can all take a trip down memory lane and think of the warm and welcoming scents that flowed out of your family oven when mom baked up some fresh cookies. It’s one of those fragrances that we automatically associate with a happy home. That nostalgia along with the countless combinations makes cookies an exciting bite for either a quick snack on the go or even to sit and enjoy with a warm beverage on a chilly day. Americans are the biggest cookie bakers and eaters, so to us finding your ideal customer should never be an issue. In fact, Americans consume over two billion cookies in a single year, that’s 300 cookies per year for each person. That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed!

The Cookie Market Jump 

With all those people chomping down cookies, we knew the market trends would reflect that popularity with ongoing growth. Since 2013, growth has existed in the cookie industry, however, in 2023 it seems like that bump up will only continue. Studies have shown that by 2023 this market will reach over $11 billion in the United States. Part of the allure to our brand goes past the comfort our snack can provide and the potential on the horizon for investors interested in running a cookie business.

Cookies Bring Creativity and Variety

Research has shown that Americans value variety and extensive offerings far more than a limited range of options. Variety offers the ability to get creative and experiment with new flavors that might be unfamiliar for their taste buds. When you start a Great American Cookies franchise location, you’ll be able to provide your guests with just that. After all, everyone has their own flavor when it comes to cookies. Our gourmet cookie selection has a wide variety of options and our team is always testing out different tastes to whip up for our guests. In addition to that, you can also co-brand a Great American Cookies location our sister company Marble Slab Creamery. You’ll be able to create a cookie sandwich with a dollop of their favorite ice cream between any of their favorite fresh baked cookies. Americans are drawn to the possibilities of what their next cookie creation could be, and when running a cookie business with Great American Cookie, you can provide an incredible variety. 

Do you want to learn more about what step one looks like? We are here to help, contact us whenever if you would like to learn more about running a cookie business with Great American Cookies.

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