Reasons You Should Own a Great American Cookies Franchise

For those who are currently exploring franchise opportunities, we urge you stop and smell the cookies. Opportunities with cookie franchises like Great American Cookies can be great for new and veteran entrepreneurs alike. The best part of the deal is that everyone leaves happy: the brand, the franchisee, and most importantly – the customer!

Cookies = Smiles

We’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy a good cookie. They’re a sweet treat that’s sure to please individuals of all ages, from all backgrounds and walks of life. Furthermore, they have a perfect home in certain environments like shopping malls and event venues. Cookies are a delicious and portable snack, which further adds to their value in the franchising space.

Something for Everyone

A great thing about cookie franchises is the versatility in being able to provide something for everyone, no matter their particular treat tastes. Chocolate lovers can rejoice in double chocolate cookies. Nut lovers can swoon over macadamia nut cookies. The more traditional type can sink their teeth into a classic sugar cookie. When it’s time for an event or celebration, customers can treat the whole group with our trademark cookie cakes.

Streamlined Franchise Opportunities Process

In comparison to restaurant franchises, cookie franchises offer the benefit of being streamlined in term of daily functionality, ingredients and supplies needed, and labor required to make sure all customers leave with a smile. Additionally, stores have a small footprint, meaning that a top-performing cookie franchise can take the form of a food cart at a fair, or a corner store in the shopping mall’s food court. Cookie franchises offer franchisees the opportunity to work hard while operating a manageable business.

Strong Brand

While not all cookie franchises will fit the mold in this category, we take pride in Great American Cookies and the strong brand that we’ve grown and cultivated since our inception as a company. Great American Cookies is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the realm of cookie franchises. What this means for us and our franchisees is that we have a strong brand to support. What this means for our customers is that they know that they’re doing business with a brand they can trust, and that they’re getting the highest quality, tastiest treats that their money can buy.

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