4 People Who Are Ready to Start a QSR Franchise with Great American Cookies

Starting a QSR franchise with Great American Cookies is a great fit for many prospective investors. Why? Because our concept is remarkably flexible and comes with comprehensive training and support throughout the process of setting up and running every new franchise. Here, we’ll give you more information on franchisees who are a perfect match for our brand. 

1. Couples Looking to Start a Family Business

Starting a QSR franchise is a great way to go into business with family. Spouses love that running a Great American Cookies franchise gives them the freedom to work the hours they’d like, and delegate tasks as they see fit. However, we welcome any combination of family and friends to open a new franchise together: siblings, good friends, business partners – working with someone else is a great way to share the financial obligation and workload!

2. Veterans

FAT Brands is a member of VetFran, an organization that seeks to help veterans find careers in civilian life through franchising. Many of the skills taught in the military (such as great organization, responsibility, and teamwork) go a long way towards preparing veterans for franchise ownership. Best of all, when qualified veterans start a QSR franchise with any FAT Brands brand, they can look forward to a significant discount on their franchise fee. 

3. Experienced Franchisees

If you’re already running one or more franchises and are looking for a more hands-off investment, Great American Cookies might have the opportunity for you. We welcome our franchisees to delegate the operations of their franchises to their staff, so that they can spend more time focusing on the big picture. Be sure to ask us about what it takes to open multiple units – we think you’ll be impressed at how simple the process is. 

4. Corporate Professionals Looking to Break Free

Working a corporate job can be tedious. No one likes the idea of putting their own time and talents to work for someone else’s gain. If you’re really ready to find career freedom, you could be a good candidate to start a QSR franchise of your own.

Many franchisees in this category worry that although they might have some experience in finance or business, they lack the preparation needed to start their own Great American Cookies franchise. One of the best parts of investing in a franchise is that we’ve already figured out the business model for you, so there’s no need to spend time worrying about how to manage operations. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training to all franchisees so they’re able to hit the ground running with confidence and knowledge. They can count on our expert team to be behind them every step of the way, keeping them up-to-date on best practices.If any of the personas above sound like you, it might be a good time to start a QSR franchise of your own. Contact Great American Cookies today for more information.

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