Preparing for the Busy Season

Through the holiday season, Great American Cookies stores may experience an upsurge in cookie business. Malls and plazas are generally busy as patrons get holiday shopping done. Customers may also place large orders for holiday parties and celebrations. It is important to be prepared for this influx of cookie business so that customers receive the best service and products possible and continue to return to the location long after the holidays are over.

Hiring Temporary Help for Your Cookie Business

Depending on the needs of the location, it may be necessary to hire temporary help for the busy season. If temporary help is needed, it should be made clear to applicants that the position is temporary and will end after the holiday season. Being dishonest about the temporary nature of the position or cutting employee hours back to a minimum after the holidays may damage the reputation of the business and cause complications. Many applicants are looking for a temporary position to make extra money through the holidays, so being clear about the temporary nature of the position may be mutually beneficial. If the employees that are hired are very satisfied with the temporary arrangement, these employees may come back again year after year, which will make finding good holiday help that much easier.

Estimating Ingredient Orders

Ingredient orders must be raised through the holidays, but estimating the proper amount of ingredients to order can become a difficult task. Running out of ingredients during peak times can be stressful and damaging to the reputation of the location. Ordering excess ingredients may cause storage complications and tie up capital unnecessarily. During the first year that the location is open, it may be helpful to consult other locations in the area before placing orders.

Preparing for Following Years

During the busy season, comprehensive plans should be drawn up about all aspects of the operation. Hourly shifts should be detailed in a spreadsheet and ingredient orders should be saved. If any part of the business plan is ineffective, this should be noted in the plans with a proposal for a more successful plan for years to come. Files for temporary employees that were particularly helpful through the season should be set aside to save time on hiring processes for subsequent years. Setting up for holiday crowds is easier when there is a framework to draw upon from previous years’ successes and failures.


To help ensure that there will be more business through the holiday season, holiday marketing tactics can be put in place. Businesses and individuals that have placed large orders should be asked for contact information. When the holidays roll around, these customers can be offered a discount for loyalty or simply invited back and reminded of the fantastic products that are available. Any customers that have signed up to receive “cookie mail” may also be contacted with discounts or special holiday promotions in an effort to drum up cookie business.

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