Not Your Mom’s Cookie Franchise

What industry is fresh, hot, and sweet? You guessed it, the cookie franchise industry! It is impossible to pass by a Great American Cookies store without stopping to catch a whiff of the delicious aroma. Customers love buying Great American Cookies because they do not have to wait to have their cookie and eat it, too. With a cookie shop in every mall and high traffic shopping center, though, it is important to understand what trends are fresh out of the oven.

Mix It Up

While cookies will always be a favorite dessert, mixing it up with innovative options will draw new customers and entice regulars to try something new. With a large variety of different flavored cookies and brownies, there is something for everyone. Great American Cookies also takes pride in offering the Cookie Cake. This large, sliceable, frostable, and customizable cookie has revolutionized parties everywhere.

Great American Cookies offers several desserts to appeal to many tastes:

  • Freshly baked cookies
  • Double Doozie cookies stacked with a creamy center
  • Cookie Cups with sweet fillings
  • Whole Cookie Cakes for parties
  • Cookie Cakes by the slice
  • Brownies in many flavors
  • Frosted brownies w/toppings

Roll It Out

It is not enough to depend on customers to walk by the store and see the delicious options. Rolling out new and traditional products on the internet, particularly social media networks, is a great way to get customers craving Great American Cookies. Social networks also make it easy to quickly broadcast seasonal themes that will inspire customers to buy Great American Cookie products for parties and celebrations.

Put It in the Oven

One of the biggest advantages that cookie franchises have is the incredible aroma that wafts naturally through any surrounding area when cookies are baking in the oven. While it may be tempting to cook enough cookies for the day before opening, this is a mistake. The smell of already baked cookies does not compare to the scent of baking cookies. Customers are also increasingly focused on freshly prepared food, so seeing employees scooping cookies out and pulling cookies out of the oven is sure to draw a crowd.

Share the Sweetness of the Cookie Franchise Industry

When customers visit Great American Cookies, they do not just want to buy a dessert, they want to buy into a store that is sharing the sweetness. One of the core concepts of Great American Cookies is to support the community. Franchisees learn during training about the best ways to help local schools and non-profit organizations. Great American Cookies are typically located in locations such as malls and shopping plazas, so partnering with local stores to drive business is also part of the Great American Cookies way.

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