How Great American Cookies Can Help You Capitalize on Non-Traditional Locations

While some of our consumers may know our brand as a mall kiosk franchise, Great American Cookies is looking to expand past what is considered “traditional.” We have found that there is incredible potential in non-traditional locations that facilitate high-foot traffic with demand for a convenient bite. Please feel free to take a look at the wide variety of eatery environments that we have identified as potential hot spots for our dessert franchise.

Options are Endless

While a Great American Cookies franchise is the perfect fit for hungry and ready-to-spend customers, that doesn’t confine our locations to just shopping malls. It’s easy to come up with plenty of locations that fit the bill for our cookie shops outside of the usual mall kiosk franchise. Locations with potential are all around a community, so finding one of these non-traditional settings near you is easy. Here are a few of the places that we could see as an ideal fit for a Great American Cookies dessert franchise location: 

  • Airports
  • College Campus
  • Travel Destinations
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Office Buildings 
  • And much more…

Customers On-the-Go Crave Convenience

Put yourself in the shoes of the panicked commuter who has had little to eat. The options to get something in their stomach are limited, after all, there certainly isn’t time to go sit down for a four-course meal. In situations like these especially, convenience is king. Sometimes all a guest can spare is five to ten minutes before they head to their next destination. Here is where a quick-service franchise like Great American Cookies could be the ideal fit. Practically without breaking stride, a guest can order their freshly-baked sweet tooth delight and receive it just moments after. When you open a quick-service dessert franchise in one of our non-traditional locations, your guests will be pleased to experience just that.

 Fast-Pace, High Foot Traffic

One of the main similarities between all of the locations listed above is dense foot-traffic that builds up in these environments. A Great American Cookies franchise location has a greater opportunity to flourish in these environments because of the increased and consistent consumer exposure. This is why, for the longest time, investors considered a mall kiosk franchise location as the primary possibility for our quick-service brand. However, our team of industry experts has found that the ideal volume of buyers also exists in theme parks, boardwalks, and many more destinations. 

How Our Team Can Help

Now we don’t expect that franchisees will take all of this information, find the nearest location, and just hit the ground running. Our process of business ownership is practically turn-key due to our unwavering franchisor support in finding the best possible destination in your region. The Great American Cookies team has helped many franchisees find their ideal landing spot by identifying prime real estate in their community. We are there for you from the start of your lease-negotiations to your grand opening and beyond. With Great American Cookies, you can rest assured that you’ll have the assistance you need to find the perfect home for your dessert franchise.

If you would like to know more about Great American Cookies and what is required for our dessert franchise investment, feel free to contact us today!

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