A Look Into the Future: What Will Great American Cookies Look Like in 50 Years

Do you remember what the world was like 50 years ago? Were you even alive in 1964? If so, you may recall the excitement of traveling beyond Earth’s orbit, the Beatles taking America by storm, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 being signed into law.Do you remember what the most profitable franchise was? Though many cookie franchises were just starting out 50 years ago, they’ve completely revamped the franchise system. So, what is the best franchise to invest in? The answer could be a Great American Cookies franchise.

As one of our favorite franchises to invest in, we’re sure the future looks bright. Let’s take a look at what Great American Cookies will likely look like in 50 years:

Taking Over the World

With a huge 4.4% growth rate in QSR franchises, Great American Cookies is absolutely one of the most profitable franchises. According to the International Franchise Association, QSR franchises are estimated to create more than 75,000 new jobs over the next year. With store locations currently in seven countries outside of the United States, this franchise will be located in tens or hundreds of thousands of venues throughout the world within 50 years.

Opening a Most Profitable Franchise Is Easier Than Ever

Currently, opening a franchise is simple and easy. However, Great American Cookies is continuously learning and improving each franchise. In 50 years, you may be able to open numerous most profitable franchises as easy as you can blink.

Farewell Boring Cakes

Does anyone really like regular old cake anymore? With the invention of our groundbreaking cookie cake, we opened up customers’ options for parties and it became an instant hit. As popular as the cookie cake has been, in 50 years, it’s guaranteed to completely revamp our view of party cakes.

Your 50th Anniversary with Us

As the most profitable franchise, how can you not want to open your own franchise with us today? Contact us to see how to start your own franchise so you can celebrate another 50 years of franchising with us!

Great American Cookies has been a great franchise to own since 1977. Its homemade taste has been cherished for generations and will definitely be cherished for many more generations. Join our team and build your own profitable franchise today!

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