Who Invests in Great American Cookies?

Like most franchisees, investors in Great American Cookies want the chance to become more independent and shape their own destiny in a way that allows them to tap into an established brand, proven training programs and nationwide advertising networks.

That said, investing in Great American Cookies is anything but generic. Why? Well, one reason is that Great American Cookies has been creating fresh cookies in each of their locations for nearly two generations, and another is that unique franchisees make every new franchise location special.

Great American Cookies has also been ranked first in baked goods by Entrepreneur for six straight years!

The Kinds of Investors Great American Cookies Attract

Great American Cookies attracts goal-oriented franchisees with a track record of success who come at food franchising with an open-minded attitude that always puts the customer first.

Willingness to Learn … and Experiment

Open-mindedness means being willing to experiment with brand-new kinds of cookies, brownies and ice cream cakes while staying true to a tradition of sugar cookies and original chocolate chip cookies.

The motto at Great American Cookies is “sharing the fun of cookies,” and Great American Cookies franchisees typically love the chance to put a smile on someone’s face and turn their day around.

Curious or aspiring franchisees to the Great American Cookies franchise learn as much as they can initially in Great American Cookies’ training programs, and then draw on the ongoing operational support throughout their franchising journey in order to further streamline their Great American Cookies franchise location.

Dedication to Customer Service

And on that note, Great American Cookies franchisees usually have great customer service skills and are really attuned to the customer experience.

Some cookie franchises have taken to automating their customer feedback. At Great American Cookies, we believe in finding out the evolving preferences of our customers more directly — by asking them what’s working and what’s not!

Great American Cookies’ investors usually, but not always, bring a long track record of business success to their first Great American Cookies location. These same investors understand the impact that high customer satisfaction ratings can have on their franchise location.

These include things like enjoying a better reputation and bringing in far more word-of-mouth referrals; increasing your loyal customer base; experiencing more sales and brand loyalty; and ultimately enhancing your location’s sales. Pardon the pun, but that’s definitely a recipe for success.

Aspirations for Multi-unit Ownership

Increasingly investors interested in opening up their own Great American Cookies franchise location are looking to open more than one location in the next year.

That actually mirrors a larger trend in the United States: For the first time ever, the last decade has seen the majority of America’s nearly half-million franchise units run by multi-unit franchisees.

Put another way, this means that more and more Great American Cookies franchisees are leveraging their years of business experience and managerial acumen toward running more than one Great American Cookies location.

Fortunately, that’s not as Herculean a task as it may seem, as fast food locations are frequently bunched together in the same indoor mall; this allows multi-site franchisees the chance to oversee more than one location (e.g., a Great American Cookies and Pretzelmaker location) pretty easily.

Hiring a Franchise Manager

You might still find it advantageous to hire a franchise manager, at least initially, if your locations pose different logistical challenges or if you’re still trying to figure out the ins and outs of running a Great American Cookies franchise location.

From franchise managers to ongoing training and support, running a franchise location (or multiple locations) isn’t a step you have to take alone.

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