Grandma’s Secret: How Great American Cookies Beats Competitors Out of the [Oven]

You know what it’s like to survey the buffet table at family gatherings. Visually, everything looks palatable, but let’s be honest: Everyone knows the good cooks in the family from the mediocre ones.

This is usually when the hushed whispers begin: “Who made this?” and “Please tell me so-and-so didn’t bring that.” You’re just holding out to hear some sweet words of encouragement: “Yep, that one’s from Grandma’s kitchen.”

Like music to your ears and a pleasing melody to your empty stomach, you know you’re ready to scoop up the best there is — just as people who are looking to invest in a cookie franchise know that Great American Cookies offers the finest recipe among cookie franchises today.

And it’s no small irony that Grandma has reserved a seat at the head of this table, too.

Review the Two Key Ingredients

Like many great recipes, Great American Cookies franchises can be reduced to two key ingredients: a superlative product and a dynamic business model that supplies cookie franchise owners with all the training, support, and resources they need to establish and build the business of their dreams.

It helps if potential cookie franchise owners harbor sweet dreams, especially for cookies. A passion for cookies — and all the delight and fun they inspire — is a driving force that binds many cookie franchise owners more tightly together than the creamy butter in a bowl of cookie dough.

Such passion drove this sweet invention in the first place; the original Great American Cookies recipe was created by none other than the grandmother of one of the company’s founders. Although Great American Cookies was launched in Atlanta in 1977, Grandma’s cherished recipe — teeming with only the finest and freshest ingredients — endures today and guides the creation of every batch.

Grandma’s ingenuity also inspired the company to become “home of the original cookie cake” — those delectable desserts that duplicate the sweet ingredients of a cookie in the size of a cake, and with frosting as a luscious topper.

Some Cookie Franchises Might Favor a Cookie-Cutter Approach

At this point, other cookie franchises might strike you as somewhat similar. But just like that buffet table at family gatherings, things might look OK from appearances; it’s only when you dig a little deeper for information that you learn you shouldn’t take a chance on anyone else’s half-baked recipe. Only Grandma’s will do.

The founders of Great American Cookies followed Grandma’s stellar example and decided that if they were going to introduce their cookie franchise to America on a large scale, they would do so skillfully and only to the best of their ability.

Today, with more than 300 retail locations across the United States, they are confident that they provide cookie franchise owners an opportunity as exhilarating as it is unique among all other cookie franchises. Great American Cookies offers cookie franchise owners premier franchisee training through FAT Brands training program.

Global Franchise Group University

Named after Global Franchise Group, one of the world’s leading brand management companies, the university ensures that every franchisee masters the skills he or she needs to assume ownership of a Great American Cookies franchise.

  • Day-to-day operations and management training
  • Programs and ideas for engendering customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Ongoing marketing support, including a robust calendar of events
  • Periodic consultations with field representatives who can offer tailored advice and counsel
  • Networking opportunities with experienced cookie franchise owners

When you’re looking at a smorgasbord of cookie franchises, take a page out of Grandma’s recipe book and reach for the one that combines the freshest, most delicious cookie in America that is backed up by a proven cookie franchise model. Get the ball (of dough) rolling by contacting us for more information.

Grandma wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you!

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