The Good, the Better, and the Best Reasons to Own a Great American Cookies

Who doesn’t love a great cookie? This particular snack food is a tasty treat that folks grab on the go or use to reward themselves after a hard day at the office. It’s also the most sought-after prize for a kid. You can get them to do practically anything in exchange for a delicious cookie, right?

Once you realize how popular cookies are to everyone, it makes sense to consider Great American Cookies as one of your greatest franchise opportunities. Not only will you be putting a lot of smiles on your customers’ faces, but you’ll also have the potential to join a thriving business community. Plus, being your own boss is great. Need more reasons to own a Great American Cookies franchise? Check out the following:

Set Up Support for the Greatest Franchise Opportunities

What makes Great American Cookies one of the greatest franchise opportunities is the support you’ll receive from the parent company, Global Franchise Group. That support starts with all the setup help you’ll need such as:

  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Construction vendor contacts
  • Ongoing purchasing power

You’re also going to benefit from a thorough administrative and training program. Once Global Franchise Group teaches you how to get your Great American Cookies franchise up and running, you can pass that knowledge onto your staff and watch as the business grows.

Marketing Support

The most effective marketing tool you’ll have is the smell of those freshly baked cookies making their way out of the oven and into the display counters. Beyond that, you’ll want to develop a vibrant marketing campaign that will help increase foot traffic.

Global Franchise Group has helped foster national press coverage for the brand that includes a feature on Food Network’s Unwrapped. Additionally, they can provide invaluable guidance to help you set up your own local marketing and merchandising support campaigns. You won’t be in this alone as you pursue one of the greatest franchise opportunities in the country.

Community Support

No matter where a Great American Cookies is located, you’ll find that they are deeply involved in that community. Global Franchise Group encourages and fosters charitable fundraising efforts so they can also make suggestions or help you support a local organization that is near and dear to your heart. There is a long list of wonderful charities that have benefited from Great American Cookies franchises. Are you ready to help out your community?

Is Franchising a Good Idea?

The answer to the question, “Is franchising a good idea?” can be summed up in one word: Incentive. Right now, Global Franchise Group is offering a substantial development incentive. This amounts to a potential savings of $75K per Area Development Agreement. That’s money that can make a huge difference to franchisees. It’s a terrific opportunity to not only get on board with one of the greatest franchise opportunities, but to open up multiple Great American Cookies outlets.

The more you expand your businesses, the greater the incentives. The only catch is that these incentives won’t last forever. It’s an opportunity you need to jump on right away before they are gone.

Are you ready to find out more? For additional information about how to open your own Great American Cookies franchise, contact us today.

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