3 Items You Should Expect to See on Your Menu When You Open

One of the most exciting parts of franchising with Great American Cookies is that we encourage our franchisees to be creative with their menu items in order to help their store to develop its own unique look and feel. This is one way Great American Cookies stands apart in the quick service restaurant industry. Here are a few menu items that are sure to be crowd-pleasers at your new location.

Strategically Designed Cookie Cakes with a Franchising Opportunity

One of our most popular items at Great American Cookies are our Cookie Cakes, extra-large versions of our popular chocolate chip cookie recipes decorated to suit any special occasion. Customers love our cookie cakes because they can choose from an extensive list of designs, or request a custom design to suit their needs. Entice your customers by offering Cookie Cakes that are designed to reflect holidays and important events in your community. Mark your local high school’s homecoming by designing a cookie cake in the school colors to mark the occasion. Celebrate upcoming holidays by showcasing themed designs. Whatever the local or national event, demonstrate how Cookie Cakes can add to the festivities by adding custom festive designs to your menu.

Specially Decorated Cookies

One of the ways our franchisees can get creative with our menu is by coming up with their own cookie design ideas. Shapes and colors are flexible for many of our cookies, and capitalizing on changing seasons, local sports teams, and upcoming holidays by getting creative and developing a few original designs is a great way that franchisees can help their store to stand out.

Our Beloved Favorites

At Great American Cookies, we’ve been in the cookie business for decades and our recipes are well-known American classics. When you become a Great American Cookies franchisees, you’ll have access to our entire menu of cookies that have been crafted to perfection over the years. Offering the full range of our products will help your location to appeal to a variety of customers, no matter their favorite cookie.

These are just a few menu ideas that you should expect to implement when your location opens its doors. No matter where you choose to open your franchise, you’ll be able to customize your menu to delight your community. You’ll learn even more about our extensive menu when you reach out to us to learn more about this exciting franchising opportunity.

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