What to Look for in the Franchise Disclosure Document

Have you decided that a Great American Cookies investment is something you would like to pursue? Are you curious about the concept of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and want some insight into this agreement? We have broken down this detailed document to make franchising for executives easier.

At Great American Cookies , we know an FDD can be daunting for prospective franchisees in unfamiliar territory. While the entire document is important and should be read through carefully, we’ve highlighted a few key sections to give you an idea of what to look for and how to find the most pressing information you’re likely already curious about. 

The Franchise Disclosure Document Explained

The Franchise Disclosure Document is a legal document that we present to all franchisees before they purchase  a Great American Cookies franchise location. This document gives full details about both the investor’s (you) and franchisor’s (us) roles throughout the entire franchising process. It helps our franchisees develop a well-rounded background of what an investment with our commercial cleaning company looks like at each stage. For franchisees with questions about certain aspects of this legal document, we are happy to go through any inquiries that require further explanation. From expectations to timelines to how much everything costs, here’s everything you need to know about our franchise is contained in this extensive document.

An Introduction to The Great American Cookies Family

The first section of the Great American Cookies FDD goes into detail about the company’s relationships with our parent company FAT Brands and FAT Brands’ other subsidiaries. Also included in this section of the FDD are the number of locations that are in operation for each as of the start of this calendar year. This will give you a solid background to the relationship we have with our parent company FAT Brands and the growth we have been able to generate over the years. 

Item 6: Fees and Investment

Our fees and investment portion of the franchise disclosure document gives a detailed explanation of the initial expenses you can expect. Portions of this Item include a detailed explanation of our training fee, technology fee, site selection fee, etc. So that you have a full understanding of what these entail, we have laid out the expenses of each fee along with due dates and notes for additional detail.

Item 11: Training, System Orientation, and Marketing Support

This portion of the FDD includes all of the details surrounding our franchisee training and support. Each portion of this section describes the different forms of franchisee support that we provide during the timeline of your investment. This includes information about our pre and post-opening assistance to help you secure a location and always feel comfortable in your new business. Also included is the technological systems you will be utilizing to manage your business and how we will adequately orient you with each system before opening. This is a very important portion of our document for both parties because it also gives a detailed description of our training program.

Item 19: Financial Earnings

In this section of the FDD, potential franchisees will be able to evaluate their potential for a return on their investment. You will be able to check out the success and earnings that other franchisees have had in their locations. This section is incredibly valuable because it highlights how profitable our model has been in a specific location. Great American Cookies wants to make sure that franchising for executives is not just a smooth process throughout each stage, but that each potential franchisee is well-informed with up-to-date evaluations. 

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