Franchising: 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do Before You Decide

As you head into the busy holiday shopping season, there’s a good chance you might visit a fast food court franchise at your nearest mall. You probably have your favorite “go-to” places where you know you can get exactly what you’re craving. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open one of those businesses like Great American Cookies? Perhaps there’s an open space at that food court. Could this be opportunity knocking?

Before taking the plunge into fast food court franchise ownership, there are some things you’ll want to check off on your list of “to do” considerations:

#1. Take a Self-Assessment

There are many people who come up with a great product or service and build up a business from scratch. These are the entrepreneurs. At the other end are the franchisees who are the investors buying into a proven business model. There are many qualities of the entrepreneur and the franchisee that overlap.

You should feel strong about becoming a franchisee if you are authoritative yet diplomatic. It will also help if you are motivated and have a vision for your investments. Plus, if you can put your trust in proven business plans, you can be well on your way to becoming a fast food court franchise owner.

#2. Consider the Product

Your fast food court franchise should feature a product that is proven popular. For instance, Great American Cookies offers daily fresh baked cookies in a variety of flavors. Everybody loves to grab tasty treats like that while shopping, right? Another thing to consider is that it helps if you like the product because you want to be excited about sharing the menu options at your franchise.

#3. Consider the Business Model

Following the example of Great American Cookies, you’ll find they are owned by a company called Global Franchise Group. This is the same team that helps set up franchises for Pretzelmaker, Marble Slab Creamery, and Hot Dog on a Stick. In other words, they know what they’re doing when it comes to fast food court franchising.

You’ll find that the team at Global Franchise Group is going to be with you on every step of your journey which begins with an extensive training course at their Atlanta headquarters. You’ll also be given hands-on experience in an up and running franchise. Finally, once your business is open, a field consultant will always be available to offer support and encouragement. This is a proven business model you can bank on.

#4. Consider the Location of a Fast Food Court Franchise

Obviously, your fast food court franchise is going to be at a mall, but which mall? You might find that there are several opportunities within your desired geographical location. Best of all, with a franchise like Great American Cookies, there’s always the opportunity to expand. That’s why you’ll find most franchise owners actually operate multiple outlets.

#5. Consider How to Be a Good Franchisee

Do think you know how to be a good franchisee? It helps when you get the support of a company like Global Franchise Group. However, it also depends on your ability to be enthusiastic about the business. You’ll have the chance to build a dynamic team who will keep your business humming along.

When you’re ready to talk about a Great American Cookies franchise and how to get great results as a franchisee, we’ll be ready to talk to you. Download our online brochure to see how you can get your cookie empire started!

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