Franchise Research: Reasons to Choose a Cookie Franchise

Similar to the endless rows of cookies baked fresh in our ovens every day, getting involved in a cookie franchise is what’s hot! Great American Cookies has built a time-tested brand around our model. Here, we’ve done our best to break down the reasons you should consider when claiming territory in the cookie franchise industry that where we’ve seen so much growth over the years.

Popularity of the Cookie

We bet you didn’t know that the average American adult eats around 19,000 cookies in their lifetime. Quite the impressive statistic when you take into account the population of the word, but we don’t have to convince you that people are cookie crazy. It’s a popular debate, but we believe that the cookie is undoubtedly the top dessert in the United States. Bakeries racked up $77 billion in total revenue throughout 2018 according to IBISworld.com and within the 2013-2018 period experienced 5.5% growth. With an innovative and evolving selection, Great American Cookies has seen how this national popularity can benefit a cookie franchise. Our extensive menu selection has gone past just the simple cookie, providing the customer with the chocolatey bite they’ve been craving all day. With the reputation of the snack alone, we love hearing about investor excitement to get their aprons on with us!

Working with a Franchise

The benefits of working with a cookie franchise compared to opening a business on your own are substantial. When investing in and opening your cookie franchise with Great American Cookies, you gain the training and continuous support that you couldn’t find with an isolated business. From step one of our process, we give you the product and managerial knowledge you need when opening a Great American Cookies. When working with a franchise, you will also be following a proven model instead of constantly analyzing if the one you’ve developed will be successful. Global Franchise Group partnered with Great American Cookies to ease the burden of opening a business alone. This is accomplished by training our investors with valuable knowledge and resources before they take their first order.


The reputation and growing market of cookie franchises creates an exciting environment for the aspiring entrepreneur. As for the status of Great American Cookies, in 2016 we were ranked as No. 128 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list and the top cookie franchise out of them all. This kind of status is something we have been able to keep going for six years running. With a sweet treat as adaptive as the cookie, we’ve been able to transform our passion from where we started in 1977. We’ve partnered with Marble Slab Creamery to create innovative menu items such as cookie sandwiches and cookie cakes to keep this reputation moving in the right direction. Our partnership with Global Franchise Group has given us the ability to maintain this reputation by training our staff and investors with the passion it takes to run a cookie franchise.  

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