How to Fit in the Cookie Industry

Cookies stores have changed in the last several years, fueled by new innovations such as the Cookie Cake and Cookie Cups. Great American Cookies has helped to solidify its leadership in the industry by being the first to offer the Cookie Cake and staying ahead of product and promotional trends. While Great American Cookies is enjoying a stable and comfortable position in the cookie industry, it is very important for franchisees to take action to ensure they fit in this increasingly competitive industry.


Offer Enticing Menu Items

Cookies appeal highly to children, moms, and young adults, so franchisees are wise to stay abreast of current trends while seeking out the next big thing. Children and young adults are known to be attracted to new innovations and concepts, so stocking the latest snack items will help to draw a crowd and bolster sales. Maintaining a consistent base of core products is absolutely essential as well, however. No cookie store would be complete without an incredible chocolate chip cookie that remains consistent.

Master Speed and Efficiency

Customers that visit a cookie store are usually in the market for instant gratification of their sweet tooth. Whether the customer is five or fifty, taking too long to complete the order can have a serious impact on the customer’s perception of the cookie franchise. Cookie franchisees must maintain a delicate balance to ensure that products are ready to serve while keeping the products as fresh as possible. Franchisees must also pay close attention when hiring and training to impress the sense of urgency upon employees that is so necessary to running a good cookie franchise.

Reinforce the Cookie Industry Brand

Recognition of the brand name is crucial to staying on top in the competitive cookie industry. Some of the leading competitors in the field have names that have been recognized for years for their retail offerings, so Great American Cookies franchisees have to go the extra mile to put the name out there. Collaborating with local businesses and schools can helps franchisees reinforce the brand name while opening up new business opportunities to generate revenues. Franchisees can also engage in marketing efforts that will help catch the attention of potential customers in the local area that may not know about the store location.

Location Convenience

While customers may travel to purchase a cookie cake, the majority of a cookie store’s business typically comes from customers that pass by the store. Locations such as malls and large shopping centers are ideal for cookie franchises. Cooperating with surrounding stores and restaurants to create hype may help to encourage customers passing by to stop and smell the cookies.

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