Do I Need Business Experience to Open a Dessert Franchise?

With any new business venture, you need to understand what experience is necessary to make a smart investment. Fortunately, we have created a business model that accommodates most entrepreneurs from many walks of life. If you’ve never owned a business or had professional experience with a dessert franchise, have no fear. Here’s an inside look into our dessert franchise investment and the qualifications you need to own a Great American Cookies franchise.

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The Starting Capital

We don’t require a lot of professional experience, but we do require a minimum amount of liquidity. At the outset, you must have the funds to pay the initial franchise fee. Our fanchise fee for a single store is $25,000. This franchise fee is part of our total investment, which varies depending on the size and location of your franchise. You should make sure you have enough capital to get your franchise started. If you don’t, we can help you find financing to help cover some of the costs.

The Drive to Succeed

One important thing to understand about your dessert franchise is that it is your business. Our model allows you to open a Great American Cookies franchise without prior business or industry experience, but the only way to succeed is by putting in a lot of hard work . Your success comes from your drive and dedication. This means utilizing your training, reaching out for support, executing the business model, and hiring a trustworthy team are all necessary to having a successful dessert franchise.

A Love for Desserts

Naturally, if you want to run a dessert franchise, you need to love the product. Customers want to connect with the owner of the business, which means if you have a passion for your product and what you do, customers will have a better experience. We offer something different than other dessert franchises in the quick service restaurant industry.

We offer a lot of different types of desserts, making us the perfect choice for anyone looking for something sweet. People love desserts, and if you share that love for your products and your business, you will be in the best position to reach your potential with your business.

Although having experience never hurts, it is not required to have business experience to open one of our dessert franchises. If you have enough starting capital, a passion for the industry, and a love for desserts, you may be the perfect candidate for a dessert franchise with Great American Cookies.

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