A Day in the Life of a Great American Cookies Franchisee

One of the biggest advantages to investing in a baked goods franchise is the ability to do something you really love — every day — and ride the wave of already established name recognition.

Great American Cookies is one of those franchises that has been giving customers what they’re craving since its founding in 1977. Starting from humble beginnings and just one homespun chocolate chip cookie recipe, Great American Cookies started franchising in 1978 and hasn’t looked back.

Investing in an established franchise allows you to capitalize on the marketing and advertising advantages of a top-ranked Entrepreneur franchise, ongoing training and support, and the sure-footedness of being part of the Global Franchise Group.

A Day in the Life of a Baked Goods Franchise Owner

Although Great American Cookies did, indeed, start with a single family chocolate chip cookie recipe, Great American Cookies now regularly adds new cookies and brownies to its lineup to get customers coming back for more and more surprises.

So, what can you expect on a day-to-day basis when joining the ranks of Great American Cookies? You can expect a few things. First, a really fun-filled, celebratory environment that’s dedicated to creating fulfilling customer experiences and still producing results.

Proprietary Ingredients, Freshly Baked Cookies, and Smiles!

Another thing that you can expect is trademark flavors and using the proprietary cookie dough produced in Great American Cookie’s Atlanta facilities. Customers come into Great American Cookies franchise locations with nostalgia for classic cookie flavors that they had as kids, but they also want a surprise from time to time.

Great American Cookies is dedicated to serving up that experience for customers, while also offering new flavors like Cookie Cake Double Doozies in addition to more time-limited palette-pleasers like Strawberry Crinkle Cookies.

All of Great American Cookies’ gourmet cookies, cookie cakes, double doozies (two cookies holding together a delectable, creamy icing) and amazing brownie flavors like traditional fudge brownies get a huge response. At Great American Cookies, customers can snatch traditional sugar cookies and snickerdoodles or personalize their own cookie cake.

What this means for franchisees is that Great American Cookies can prepare you to bake fresh cookies every day for customers and cater to a host of different tastes. Great American Cookies is constantly inventing fresh cookie flavors for franchisees to whip up in a hurry for sweet-toothed customers.

Multi-site and Co-branding Opportunities for Franchisees

Because Great American Cookies is a member of the Global Franchise Group along with ice-cream aficionados Marble Slab Creamery, there are plenty of potential franchise opportunities for you to capitalize on in your area … perhaps even in the same store!

Running two or more franchises in the same area makes oversight that much easier and really increases the chance that co-branding will benefit all of your locations equally. Global Franchise Group is a strategic brand management company that knows the baked goods franchising industry inside and out.

In fact, the Global Franchise Group oversees franchisee classroom and platform training so that franchisees can really hit the ground running from Day 1, and ongoing support ensures that you stay on track, whether you run just one or multiple franchise locations in the area.

Great American Cookies is all about being a family-owned operations model that delivers freshly baked ingredients using propriety ingredients … every day.

Having said that, because Great American Cookies is part of the Global Franchise Group, you also benefit from economies of scale, unparalleled marketing and uncomplicated scalability. Area development agreements for franchisees who operate three or more stores also let you really hone in on the perfect location.

Interested in learning more about this incredible opportunity to franchise with Great American Cookies? Then view our resource library to find out more!

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