Creativity in Your Great American Cookies Franchise Store

Being naturally inclined towards creative endeavors can be a huge advantage for cookie franchises. The main target market of cookie franchises are children, who delight in fun and whimsical products and decorations. When a store location or product enchants children, they will be more likely to ask to go to that specific location again and will enthusiastically recommend the store to their friends. Great American Cookie franchisees that are creative have an advantage over the competition, as they have the backing of a popular and trusted name with the freedom of being able to arrange the store and craft products that are creative and fun.

Displays and Arrangements

While the general themes of the store may be required to follow certain guidelines, the details of the displays and arrangements can have a more personal touch. Children love being able to make their mark, so allowing children to draw pictures that are posted on one wall of the store may be one idea for drawing children’s attention and interest. Making cookie cakes with favorite and trending children’s movie themes can also help to generate excitement.

Hiring Creative Employees

Employees are in the store when franchisees are not, so it makes sense to hire employees that have creative talents. Creative employees may help to deepen themes that draw customers in and will be able to replicate cookie cake themes and other creative products that are popular. Franchisees can create evaluations that will test prospective employees’ creativity and give the evaluations as part of the hiring process.

Creative Incentives for Cookie Franchises

Incentives are a great way to get employees and managers to go above and beyond the normal calls of the job. Incentives can be offered for employee creativity that helps to benefit the business. Creativity should also be used in the development of the incentive program. Selecting an “employee of the month” or “employee of the week” based on the outstanding contributions that the employee has made to better the business may help to motivate all of the employees and establish a friendly and fun corporate culture. Prizes can be simple and either free or inexpensive, such as not having to perform a work task or receiving a free sample pack of cookies to take home.

Allowing Creative Freedom for Holidays

Creative Employees often delight in helping to decorate for different holidays. Collaborating with employees on how the store will be set up and what displays and offers will be available will make employees feel involved in the fun creative processes. Allowing employees to take time out to decorate while others cover operations may also be a fun respite that will invigorate employees.

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