Why Cookie Cakes Are Better Than Regular Cakes

When most people think of a dessert at a birthday party, they often think of cake. However, you don’t have to settle for a boring white or chocolate cake that most parties provide. There are so many other wonderful dessert options available– including the cookie cake.

Cookie cakes are a unique and fun alternate option to provide something different at birthday parties and other special events that not many people have tried. Cookie cakes are so much better than regular cakes and here are five reasons why:

  1. Combination of two classic desserts in a profitable franchise.

You love cookies and you love cake. Why choose between the two when you could just combine them together to make one incredibly delicious treat with this profitable franchise? At Great American Cookies, we combine the soft sweetness of a cake and the rich chocolate of a cookie to create a delicious dessert.

A cookie cake is a fun option because they’re basically a giant cookie! What child wouldn’t love to have a cookie the size of a pizza at their birthday party? For a fun way to get children excited to eat something sweet, provide one of our appetizing cookie cakes!

  1. You deserve the best things in life.

Cookie cakes are here to remind you that you are worth all the weight in gold. You deserve to have a mouthwatering dessert that will leave you craving more. Great American Cookies is a profitable franchise to own because not only do we provide delicious cookies, but we offer a wide variety of cookie cake designs and flavors as well.

  1. Frosting tastes even better on cookies.

Most people enjoy eating cake because the frosting is so sweet which makes up for the lack of flavor in the cake. Yet, can you imagine what it would taste like to eat a rich, flavorful cookie with a creamy frosting on top?

Great American Cookies is a profitable franchise to own because we’ve perfected the cookie cakes. Our customers simply can’t resist one of these mouth-watering treats that is both unique and enjoyable.

  1. Think of your health.

Aside from a good dose of chocolate being emotionally healthy, cookie cakes are better than regular cakes because they’re healthier. The reason being is because they don’t require as much sugar, yet they taste just as good, if not better! Take advantage of this profitable cookie franchise by contacting us today!

  1. Cookies have their own monster.

Have you ever heard of a cake monster? There’s a reason why even monsters prefer cookies to cakes. Can you picture what Cookie Monster’s reaction would be if he saw one of Great American Cookie’s amazing cookie cakes? He’d probably eat us out of business! Got cookie?

Great American Cookies is a profitable franchise to own because we specialize in delicious, homemade cookies that everyone can enjoy. So, stop wondering, “Should I open a franchise?” and check out our online brochure to learn how you can open your own cookie franchise today.

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