Why You Should Choose a Great American Cookies Franchise

Cookie franchises are all the rage right now and Great American Cookies is positioned as an industry leader. The Great American Cookies name is associated with high quality, delicious cookies as well as social consciousness. This puts Great American Cookie franchisees in a beneficial position to take advantage of the growth that is already happening in the industry and the company. Franchisees can also tap into the cookie markets in other countries with the help of Great American Cookies, and begin spreading the sweetness even farther.

The Original Cookie Franchises Cookie Cake

Part of what helped bring Great American Cookies to the forefront of the cookie industry in American was the introduction of the cookie cake. With the advent of the cookie cake, Great American Cookies helped take the cookie industry out of the realm of simple snack foods and into the realm of birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and graduation revelry. By offering customers a huge sliceable cookie with frosting on it, Great American Cookies filled a need that customers didn’t even know they were missing. Cookies are even more universally loved than cake and customers were delighted to have a unique and trendy alternative for parties. This helped catapult Great American Cookies to the top of the cookie game.

“Income the Sweetness” Promotion

For the last couple of years, Great American Cookies has offered customers the opportunity to stop by any franchise location on April 15 and receive a free chocolate chip cookie in celebration of the end of tax season. This promotion is a fantastic opportunity for franchisees to draw in new customers that may not normally shop at cookie stores. Franchisees benefit from the nationwide advertising and the appeal that getting a free cookie has for guests.

Proven Business Model and Support

Great American Cookies starts franchisees off on the right foot by providing guidance through every step of the franchising process. Franchisees do not need to have previous experience in the cookie industry or even the food industry to run a great Great American Cookies location. Great American Cookies supplies franchisees with great and beloved menu items, a recognized store appearance and name, and companywide advertising that benefits all franchise locations. Great American Cookies also ensures the consistency of the well-loved cookies by producing all of the cookie dough at its plant in Atlanta. Franchisees simply need to work hard in order to capitalize on the achievement of a great cookie franchise in the industry.

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