How to Choose a Franchising Location: What’s Right For You?

A business can be made or fail based on its location. Even the most amazing storefront will find it hard to stay open if that store is located in a remote part of town. Parking is also a huge factor. If you don’t make it easy for your customers to get into your store, then why should they give you their business? We live in a world of convenience and you want to make it as convenient as possible for customers to purchase your products. Choosing a location for your cookie franchise might be one of the most important decisions you make with regard to that business. Here are some guidelines to follow for picking a franchise location that’s right for you:

Start With Your Support Team

Great American Cookies is a cookie franchise opportunity with a powerful support team. That support also includes assistance in located real estate and finding locations to build your store. Global Franchise Group has already helped set up several hundred stores all around the globe. We will assist you in locating the best available location for your Great American Cookies store.

First, you’ll want to consider the space you’ll need. We normally see our cookie stores range in size from 400-1000Sqft.  Great American Cookies is not your typical fast food franchise. You won’t need a huge dining area or even an area to sit in most cases. In fact, most Great American Cookies are situated in malls where seating throughout the mall is ample. Most of our customers grab-n-go, so a large area for customers to sit isn’t necessary. Larger stores have more storage room, a larger area to prep cookies and a larger area to decorate Cookie Cakes. Finding locations in malls can be difficult with so much demand for a limited amount of spaces. We try our best to make our stores work in many different sized spaces so when a location becomes available, we’re ready.

Investigate the Area for a Cookie Franchise Location

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential locations, you’ll want to investigate the area. This is not unlike buying a home. Everything looks great on a Sunday afternoon during an open house, but what happens when the sun goes down? If you’re focusing on a mall location, you’ll want to spend some time walking the mall to get a sense of the traffic flow. When do the crowds start showing up? When do they start leaving? There will always be big anchor stores in a mall. Typically, those are the stores that bring in the traffic. How much business do the other stores in the mall generate? You can probably get a lot of this information from the mall license office.

We also provide market reports to help you better understand the demographics around the mall to help determine if the area surrounding the mall fits our minimum requirements. Though mall locations get a lot of foot traffic, you’d be surprised to learn that people order Cookie Cakes by phone or our online ordering tool and will drive to the mall only to pick up their Cookie Cake. Never underestimate the demographics around the mall as a potential source of revenue.

Dig into the Details

Global Franchise Group will not only offer support for helping you find that a location, but they’ll also help with the lease negotiations. Remember, they’ve been through this side of the business on numerous occasions. We have knowledge in what we normally see in things like; price for square foot, mall CAM costs, storage costs, among many other things you’ve never come across. Although we can offer guidance, you will be the one signing the lease agreement. You’re well within your rights to bring in your own real estate lawyer and broker to support the negotiations. Your lease agreement is something you’ll want to pore over very closely. Don’t accept the “boiler plate.”

Talk to Other Franchise Owners

Setting up your cookie franchise at a mall food court means you won’t be alone. Just because there are other franchise businesses doesn’t mean you’re in direct competition. You’ll find that many of your soon-to-be fellow owners will be glad to share what they know about the location. If you bring in a business like a Great American Cookies, then everyone stands to benefit! Mall employees also know a lot of former locations and how well they did. Ask around and you’d be surprised what you find.

Global Franchise Group has a proven business model that will help you narrow down your location selection. We also know the answer to how much money do Great American Cookies owners make and other frequently asked questions. The best way to get those answers is to begin a dialogue. Visit our resource library to find out how you can become the latest franchise owner of Great American Cookies today!

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