Best Restaurant Loan Options for Food Franchises

Opening your own fast food franchise location is a great way to capitalize on your previous business experience and segue it into a fulfilling franchise experience with serious growth potential.

Franchise investors report higher rates of short- and long-term sustainability than strictly independent startup owner-operators by virtue of the fact that the former group (i.e., franchisees) can draw on an established brand, nationwide advertising networks, best working practices, and continued support.

One other benefit of teaming up with a reputable fast food franchise is the opportunity to get in on an ongoing business and secure easier access to initial financing and reliable lines of credit.

Best Loan Options for a Fast Food Franchise Franchise Investment

When fast food franchisees talk about getting their initial capital together, they usually mention two options right away: financing offered third-party services, and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to get started.

There are also a number of partners that Great American Cookies has teamed up with to help Great American Cookies investors secure the startup capital that they need to make their franchising dreams come to fruition.

Private lenders like Funding Circle, Balboa Capital and Credibly work with you to ensure that you have the financial resources to thrive in your new position as franchisee.

Funding Circle

Funding Circle is a private lender that has a proven track record helping potential and current Great American Cookies franchisees secure the startup capital they need to start bringing in more customers.

This private lender offers small, medium-sized and larger loans to open, expand, renovate or refinance one or more of your Great American Cookies franchise locations.

Funding Circle features loans with repayment plans of between one to five years to help cover the costs of opening up a franchise location. Loans also range from $25,000 to $500,000 when you go through Funding Circle to finance your Great American Cookies franchise location.

This effectively means that you can use this lender for a variety of purposes — whether you’re experiencing overruns after opening or looking to secure more funds before opening day, Funding Circle is definitely an option worth considering.

Balboa Capital

Balboa Capital is a unique private lender in that they specialize in helping finance franchising opportunities. Another thing that makes this lender unique is that they offer loans of up to $1 million and credit lines of up to $500,000.


Credibly has already helped dozens of Great American Cookies franchisees secure the startup capital they need to thrive.

The reason that Credibly feels so comfortable aligning with Great American Cookies, and funding investors interested in our freshly made cookies, is that this private lender has really done their research on Great American Cookies’ total number of franchise locations, our respective sales figures, and how much it costs to actually run and operate a franchise location.

Credibly offers two kinds of business loans to Great American Cookies franchisees — working capital loans and expansion loans.

The first features flexible monthly terms and fixed payments while the latter (expansion loans) gives Great American Cookies franchisees the chance to acquire larger loans with longer monthly loan terms and competitive interest rates.

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration gives out loans that are partially guaranteed by the government; this, in both theory and practice, makes these kinds of loans less risky for everyone involved. SBA loans are great for shoring up working capital.

What Makes Great American Cookies Different?

Private lenders like seeing the easy scalability and ongoing support offered by the Great American Cookies franchise, coupled with a family-oriented operator’s model and dedication to tradition, expansion and customer service excellence.

Are you ready to invest in a Great American Cookies fast food franchise? Then contact us today to find out how these available financing options can work for you.

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