Why Cookies Work: An Inside Look at The Great American Cookies Franchise Opportunity

Who can resist a warm and freshly baked cookie? It’s practically irresistible, and by owning a baked goods franchise you can own a business with a product that has proven popularity with an established ownership model. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons an opportunity with a Great American Cookie franchise sticks out and what else about our model you may fall in love with besides our Peanut Butter Supreme cookies. 

1. Cookie Franchises: Dessert Snacks on the Go

It seems today that everyone is always on the move and may not have time to prepare a meal or snack at home. For a quick-service restaurant model like Great American Cookies, this ‘on the move’ mentality is as an opportunity. The quick-service franchise concept has seen success that can’t be matched by other franchising models. Results from recent research have shown that a projected $273 billion in total revenue in 2019 is due to come from the fast food restaurant business type. It makes sense, a quick-service restaurant not only saves customers the time of preparing the product themselves, but it also fulfills their needs right now. All of these factors have created an influx in demand for convenience. Potential investors in a Great American Cookies baked goods franchise will be able to take advantage of its surge in popularity.

2.Training to Build Your Skills

With such a successful model, you may think that you’d need to have an extensive list of experience to qualify for an investment in a Great American Cookies location. The value of what our franchise development team has put together is that our business has accommodated franchisees from a variety of backgrounds.  Great American Cookies does not require experience from any of our owners, which has helped us bring some incredible franchisees onto our team. When you join the Great American Cookies team, you will be taken through in-depth franchisor training that will equip you with all the information you need to get going. This includes an introduction to keeping financial records, in-store operations, and much more. Opening a gourmet cookie business has never been easier!

3.Bring in Business with Non-Traditional Locations

Finding your customers and building your business’ traffic starts at picking your ideal baked goods franchise location. Our team of real estate experts identified an extensive list of potential non-traditional consumer hot spots aimed to bring in business. The best location for your quick-service gourmet cookie business could be located anywhere from a college campus to an airport. Our team will take a look at your options with you in order to pinpoint your ideal location to bring in the consistent foot traffic our model craves. 

Would you like to know more about what makes Great American Cookies baked goods franchise so unique? Let us know, we love to chat with people about our unique investment model!

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