5 Vital Facts You Need to Know About the Great American Cookies Franchise

Even if you’re only a seasonal baker, you know that most cookie recipes require both baking powder and baking soda. They are both leavening agents and they even resemble each other — at least from a distance — but they are very different ingredients when it comes to cookie franchises.

In the same way, chocolate chip cookie franchises might resemble each other from a distance, but look entirely different from a close-up vantage point. Five key ingredients separate Great American Cookies from “those other guys.” If you’re considering becoming a franchise owner, the following five differentiators are the sweetest ones to savor.

1. A Proud and Storied History

The original Great American Cookies recipe was invented by someone who knew exactly how to balance baking powder and baking soda to create a superlative chocolate chip cookie: the grandmother of one the company’s founders, who hailed from Atlanta. Teeming with fresh ingredients, the recipe endures today. Great American Cookies is legendary for its loyalty to tradition and its pursuit of perfection: the company was launched in Atlanta in 1977, and grandma’s cookie dough is produced exclusively there, too.

2. Unparalleled Training for Cookie Franchises

Cookies removed from a piping-hot oven look similar, but each one is slightly different. So too are the more than 300 Great American Cookies franchise owners who are spread out across the country. They benefit from training on day-to-day operations and management training; programs to foster customer satisfaction and loyalty; and regular consultations with company field reps.

Along the way, franchise owners are encouraged to apply their own stamp of individuality on their franchise so that it becomes a natural extension of their particular customer base.

3. A Wise Growth Strategy Marshaled by Proactive Company Executives

Great American Cookies enjoys a strong presence in shopping malls, and Vice President David Kaiser remains committed to assessing new opportunities in that venue. At the same time, he is no fan of a “cookie-cutter” growth strategy. He keeps other options open, too, such as those offered in lifestyle and outlet centers.

“What we’re finding is we don’t have to be in the malls,” he said. “We can be outside of the malls, and that’s an opportunity and something positive as well.”

4. A Tenacious Pursuit of Creativity to Engender Customer Satisfaction

Great American Cookies invented the cookie cake — a delectable dessert that duplicates the sweet ingredients of a cookie (including those two powdery substances) but made in the size of a cake, with frosting as a sweet topper. Ideal as a gift and to add a festive touch to holidays and other celebrations, the cake is a standout offering that sets Great American Cookies apart. In a truly sweet gesture to people born during a Leap Year, the company recently offered a free individualized cookie cake to people born on February 29.

5. Crucial Third-Party Validation as One of the Leading Franchises in the World

Great American Cookies regularly lands on the list of top franchises cited in Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual franchise issue, otherwise known as the “franchise 500.” Such third-party investigation — and validation — can play a crucial role in the decision-making process of discerning franchise owners.

Think of these five company “ingredients” as being akin to baking powder and baking soda insofar as they give rise to the most progressive cookie franchises in the country. But still, you’re bound to have questions. Great American Cookies encourages you to prepare a batch of them before you contact us to be on your way to becoming a franchise owner of one of the best cookie franchises— and learn even more about how Great American Cookies more than lives up to its name.


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