4 Reasons to Love Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies has been sharing the fun of cookies since its first store opened nearly forty years ago in Atlanta.

While Great American Cookies remains the place to find all kinds of tasty treats like cookies, brownies, double doozies, and cookie cakes (Great American Cookies is the proud home of the original cookie cake!), this all-American cookie company has grown to include franchise opportunities around the country.

Growth opportunities for franchisees exist from east to west, and accelerated opportunities have been identified in the northeast portion of the country. That said, the chance for franchisees to get in on the action isn’t limited to one part of the country.

Reason #1: Low Initial Investment and Fully Scalable All-American Cookie Franchise

The fact that more fast food franchises than ever are multi-unit—which allows franchisees to leverage their experience, streamlined training, and deep capital reserves toward growth—has a lot to do with the fact that Great American Cookies franchisees hit the ground running and don’t stop.

Great American Cookies franchise locations are a relatively low-cost investment. You could own and operate multiple Great American Cookies locations for the same investment as owning one traditional fast food franchise location.

Whether you have big aspirations out of the gate or want to become a multi-unit franchise owner after gaining some experience, Great American Cookies, with its all-American cookie, is the place to do it.

Great American Cookies is so scalable because there’s a huge appetite for cookies (pardon the pun), indoor malls often need cookie concepts stationed in-house, and there’s tremendous brand recognition for you to leverage.

A lot of credit should go to franchise area developers and franchise consultants who scope out the most promising areas for franchise development. The FAT Brands also helps franchisees find great growth opportunities and thrive.

Reason #2: Growth and Accelerated Opportunities

The FAT Brands has taken a look at regional markets across the country and appraised growth and accelerated growth opportunities for prospective Great American Cookies franchisees. It has designated large swaths of the eastern part of the country—including New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia—as accelerated growth areas.

This means a lot of the unknowns are taken out of the equation, and Great American Cookies can work with you to open up your locations quicker and more seamlessly in these areas.

The sooner you can identify a promising Great American Cookies location in your area, train your staff, start baking cookies, and open your doors for business, the sooner you can start realizing your dreams . . . and enjoying the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Reason #3: Great for Co-branding Opportunities

Being part of the FAT Brands means not only economies of scale and more informed demographic studies, but also world-class co-branding opportunities with other FAT Brands franchises like Marble Slab Creamery. That’s one tasty combination!

Reason #4: Best-in-Class Baked Goods

Great American Cookies has a long history of ranking number one in Entrepreneur’s list of top baked goods franchises.

Because magazines like Entrepreneur rank franchises based on objective criteria and projections like stability and future growth potential, these rankings are a good indication of a franchise’s track record and investment potential.

As a franchise, Great American Cookies isn’t content on resting on its laurels, which is why it continues to scour the markets for growth and accelerated growth opportunities both domestically and internationally. The secret’s definitely out!

Want to find out more about how you can get involved with an all-American cookie franchise? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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