4 Reasons to Invest in a Proven Business Model

You’ve worked hard. You’ve scrimped and saved. And now you’re ready to invest.

That’s great! But where do you even begin? There are plenty of investment options out there.

Some are more viable than others, but if you are looking for a way to make an impact on your community and be your own boss, you should look into franchising opportunities like Great American Cookies that can take the powers of ownership in your life to the next level. Here are four reasons to invest in a franchise.

1. Marketing & Branding

It’s no secret that marketing a small business without any support can be a mountainous adventure to undertake. Even the most marketing-savvy of business owners often find themselves consumed with the day-to-day operations of the company, resulting in abandoned and mismanaged marketing efforts, despite their initial intentions.

Franchising opportunities offer you a way to build your business from the ground up, with the support of an established marketing team that’s already bolstered brand recognition for the company you choose to pursue. As a franchisee, you’ll likely contribute a portion of your monthly dues toward marketing and advertising expenses.

In return, you’ll have access to marketing collateral, commercial air time, and professional signage designed by a team of professional marketers. Because you’re pooling resources with others in your region, you’re gaining access to funds and opportunities that would simply be too costly if you were to go about it alone. Economies of scale are a huge advantage for many franchisees.

Beyond the financial benefits borne from an in-house team of marketing experts, franchising opportunities afford you the ability to buy into an established and recognized brand. Your marketing team has done its due diligence to create a likable logo, approachable image, and positive personality.

People already know who you are before you even sign on the dotted line. Now it’s just up to you to execute the marketing team’s concepts.

2. Working for Yourself

You’ve spent countless conversations with your boss, wishing he or she understood how great you are at your job, and dreaming about the day you can give notice and walk away in a movie-style glorious departure.

Working for yourself is far from easy, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. However, if you have the work ethic and do-anything-it-takes attitude to leave the structure of your current job behind and branch out into The Great Unknown, franchising opportunities may be just the thing to quench your thirst. Before you branch out, be sure to seek advice from those who have walked in your shoes!

3. Calculated Risk-Taking

Any new business adventure is an endeavor with uncertainties throughout the process. Franchising opportunities differ from independent small businesses in that, as a franchisee, you’re equipped with a larger toolbox than small mom-and-pop shops.

Franchising opportunities come with the experience of the franchisor and systems that are in place to enhance the possibilities for positive growth. Franchising opportunities typically come with training and ongoing support as time goes on.

4. Construction Assistance

Finding, planning, and designing your brilliant new idea can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t have the right help at your disposal. Hiring designers, architects, commercial real estate pros, and construction companies to do the heavy lifting can be incredibly costly if you are paying out of pocket.

Franchisees typically enjoy assistance from corporate when it comes to selecting contractors, planning the build-out, purchasing furniture, and executing an overall efficient layout of the new space.

Franchising opportunities can open many doors in terms of both personal and financial growth. Ready to learn more? Check out how you can become a franchisee of this gourmet cookie franchise by visiting our Great American Cookies Resource Library today!

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