3 Reasons Your Boss Doesn’t Want You Reading this Blog Post

So chances are, if you’ve risked your chances and clicked this post, you’re working for someone else’s company. You answer to your boss day in and day out. You finish your tasks as they’re assigned to you (sometimes in a hectic scramble because those reports were due an hour after you even heard about them).

Perhaps you’re going the extra mile in hopes that you’ll be given that raise you’ve been dreaming of. What if we were to tell you that you don’t need to claim your lane in the rat race? Owing a franchise is an opportunity to be your own boss, and exercise your freedom and creativity in a way that suits your own bottom line – not theirs.

#1: What Boss?

Boss – the dreaded B word that we’ve all experienced firsthand. While some of us get along great with our bosses, many have come to associate the word with a special kind of daily stress. When you answer to a boss, there’s a certain element of anxiety and unease. Your boss can at once be your best friend and your biggest enemy. But by being a franchise owner, you’re your own boss. You can call the shots without the need to continuously make sure you’re performing the way others want you to perform.

#2: To Own a Franchise Means Freedom

By being a cookie franchise owner of a company like Great American Cookies, you can take control of your career. Gone are the days of answering to a higher-up and playing a game of cat-and-mouse for your professional advancement. Tired of trying your hardest but not seeming to impress the right people at the right time? Franchisees have the unique advantage of leaving these problems behind the second they become owners of their own business.

#3: Follow Your Own Dream, Not Theirs

Do you find that your career lacks a certain purpose? Perhaps you’re just not excited about your job, which ends in you essentially dragging yourself out of bed every morning. When you own your own franchise, you can follow your passions and what makes you tick. You won’t be working for others, which means you won’t be fulfilling their bottom line at the expense of your own. When you own a franchise, you have the flexibility and the means to set and reach your own goals, on your own time. To learn more, visit our website.

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