3 Great Pieces of Advice to Owning Multiple Franchise Units

They say two is always better than one so can that same theory apply to owning a franchise? If you are thinking about investing in a franchise opportunity, choose one that has the capability of opening two or more in an area that is beneficial to you. Great American Cookies is a perfect example because not only is our concept desirable for smaller and larger locations, we have a product that a broad demographic loves: desserts. There are many multi-unit franchise opportunities out there, and here are a few pieces of advice about them and how we make owning multiple Great American Cookies franchises easier.

multi unit franchise opportunities

The More You Own, The More Potential

If you invest in multiple units of a brand, you have an increased potential to build a bigger brand presence in your market(s). For example, the more dessert franchises you own in a specific, targeted area, the more reputation you can build for your Great American Cookies and the brand as a whole. Multi-unit franchise opportunities have a lot of potential because you can establish yourself in several different territories. Managing all these locations may sound like a challenge – driving from town to town doesn’t seem ideal. However, with Great American Cookies, you may have the ability to hire a staff that is trained for your franchises and can handle many of the day-to-day duties.

Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities at Non-Traditional Locations

Another advantage to investing in multi-unit franchise opportunities is the ability to open one at different types of locations. Although you typically think of franchises like Great American Cookies only being effective in malls, there are several other non-traditional locations that provide the perfect demographic for a concept like ours. These locations can include college campuses, airports, and many other places that draw in a lot of people. People everywhere love desserts like cookies and brownies, so why not bring these products to them? There are a lot of potential locations for your franchise units, and branching out to find different demographics near you could potentially increase your profits.

Co-Branding Through FAT Brands

When you invest in a Great American Cookies franchise, you are becoming a part of the FAT Brands family. What makes us unique from other franchise opportunities is that instead of opening multiple of the same concept, there is also the option to co-brand with another franchise under the same umbrella. FAT Brands has several different brands, each having a niche in the QSR industry. Our fellow brands include Pretzelmaker, Hot Dog on a Stick, Round Table Pizza, and Marble Slab Creamery. Co-branding also has the benefit of opening two different franchises at the same location. This means you could open a Great American Cookies and a Marble Slab Creamery together, capitalizing on the dessert market at a location.

If you are interested in multi-unit franchise opportunities through Great American Cookies, contact us today!

multi unit franchise opportunities

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