10 Signs You Should Become a Great American Cookies Franchisee

Beginning each day with the smell of freshly baked cookies tempts many to join the cookie industry. Cookie franchises are businesses that benefit from employing a range of dynamic individuals that don’t have cookie-cutter personalities. If you feel that you may want to start a cookie franchise, there are several signs that may help you decide whether you should become a Great American Cookie franchisee.

1. A “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles” Attitude

Great cookie franchisees know that there is much to be learned each day in the store. There will be small fires each day, especially when first starting a cookie franchise. Putting out the fires with grace and learning from the mistakes will help set the pace for a thriving cookie franchise.

2. Love for Great Desserts to Start a Cookie Franchise

A genuine love for the products makes a cookie franchisee’s life a little sweeter. Franchisees must continuously tout the merits of the desserts offered at Great American Cookie in order to instill product pride in employees and to bring in new customers. Actually enjoying the products makes this a natural habit.

3. Ability to See the Whole Cookie Cake

Franchisees that can see beyond daily operations to future growth are more likely to overcome business slumps and enjoy overall satisfaction. This mindset is conducive to expansion and opening more than one location. These franchisees see the operation as a business and not just a job.

4. Plenty of Dough

Money is an important part of beginning a cookie franchise. Franchisees are expected to have at least $100,000 in liquidity and $250,000 in net worth. A stable source of capital will help keep the business healthy and well maintained.

5. A Sweet Persona

Communication is key in the cookie industry. Franchisees that enjoy communicating with many people each day are bound to be happier. From employees to customers to networking associates, cookie franchisees must correspond exuberantly to sell the product. A franchisee with a sweet persona will also inspire sweet employees, enhancing the customer experience.

6. Creativity

The cookie industry has a little more room for creativity when it comes to selling the product than most other snack food franchises. Cookies, brownies, and cookie cakes are stable and hold up well in extreme temperatures. This makes it easy to take advantage of off-location opportunities to sell products.

7. Appetite for Work

Creating a flourishing cookie franchise takes hard work on the part of the franchisee every day. Franchisees should expect to work hard when at the store and even when business hours are over and the operations are being analyzed or marketing is being done. Hard work on the part of the franchisee will also help set the standards for store employees.

8. Tough Cookie Attitude

Being a tough cookie doesn’t mean being unwilling to change, it means being able to roll with changes without getting bent out of shape. Food service and marketing are changing every day as technology and customer expectations change. The ability to stay on top of changes requires toughness of mind in cookie franchisees.

9. Snack Education

Great American Cookie offers initial and continuous training and support for franchisees. Franchisees that are enthusiastic about engaging in each new area of training help to ensure continued store growth. Providing training workshops for employees will help franchisees to raise store standards.

10. A Taste for Marketing

While Great American Cookie offers franchisees marketing support, franchisees will benefit from having marketing knowledge. The possibilities for marketing cookies are endless, and creative franchisees can tap into many different avenues for sales. Intuitive marketing will also help create repeat customers.

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